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Client 1.

‘Over the years, I have been to quite a few Shiatsu practitioners and I can say without hesitation that Jude Pereles is one of the best. Humble, compassionate and a good listener, she is extremely adept at helping one release even the most chronic aches and pains. I am grateful to have her in my life and would recommend her to anyone.’

Client 2.

‘Tracey has successfully treated me for a number of ailments including IBS, migraine and a bad back. She is a warm and caring person and a highly trained professional acupuncturist.

Client 3.

‘I decided to try Shiatsu a number of years ago when I was feeling at a very low ebb with low energy and high blood pressure. Within a month my blood pressure was down and my energy was up.
Over the years Jude has worked to keep my whole system in healthy balance and has successfully treated acute symptoms including post traumatic shock, congestion of the lungs and the flare ups of an arthritic knee.
I have also had acupuncture treatments from Tracey mainly for trigger finger which has completely cleared up.’

Client 4.

‘When my wife gave me a gift voucher for a Shiatsu session a few years ago, I was sceptical. She's always been keen on complementary therapies but this was my first experience. I enjoyed it and came on and off for a while. Then came a time when I was quite busy and stressed at work and I decided to have a treatment every month. This was a wise move. Western medicine focuses on trying to put things right when they go wrong. It's much better to try to keep them right, and I find that a regular treatment really helps keep the aches pains and stresses of an active daily life under control.
The atmosphere in the clinic is calm and relaxed. I come away full of energy and ready for what life throws at me again!’

Client 5.

‘I came to acupuncture via a recommendation from an employer who I have seen receive many benefits from the treatment.  I have suffered long term ME for many years and problems related to energy levels, immunity and emotional exhaustion  I have found treatment to be profoundly relaxing, energizing and nurturing experience. Acupuncture floods my body with healing energy which can be felt from the first small needle.  During and after treatments I have always felt a sense of well being and contentment and have seen my energy levels and immune strength rise continuously.  I have had a more stable sense of health, endurance and strength physically and emotionally.  I feel more able to manage stress and feel emotionally uplifted. I have also felt a greater self confidence and have found peace with certain aspects of my life, past and present.

I have found my practitioner Tracey Kennedy to be professional, flexible and a nurturing person to be with during and after treatments. She has always valued my goals in terms of what I wanted and has met my needs at an exceptionally high and trustworthy level. I have found my practitioner helpful and very knowledgeable in terms of discussions about acupuncture.  The treatments have contained an openness that has been therapeutic in itself.’

Client 6.
‘I have had several shiatsu sessions with Jude over the last few months and I have found the treatment extremely beneficial in that my arthritic pain has been greatly relieved and my general wellbeing improved. Sessions have proved both relaxing and invigorating. I enjoy the experience immensely and have confidence in Jude's professionalism.’